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Building & Construction

Water & Waste Water

General Industry


Power & Energy

Who We Are

MO Pumps and Services was founded in 2016. Operating as a sole trading contractor with extensive experience specialising in:
- Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps
- Pump Systems
- Aftermarket Service
And the supply of spare parts and solutions provider for a range of fluid transfer applications within all major market sectors.
We continue to offer exceptional and professional customer service at all times’     

General & Market Sector - Applications

General Applications


- Clean Water and Tertiary Effluent Transfer

- Raw unscreened & Domestic Sewage

- Storm Water

- Biological Sludge

- Slurry & Dewatering

- Sump Drainage

- Pressure Boosting

- Fluid Process, Chemicals, Hydrocarbon / Oily Water

- Various Food Grade / CIP Process

Market Sector Applications

Energy Power Sector (1)

- Commercial Building Services & Construction  – HVAC, Hydraulic Services and Fire  -  Domestic Water Supply, Pressure Boosting Systems, Sewage transfer, Storm Water and Fire pump applications

- Water & Waste Water – Water and Tertiary Effluent transfer, Raw unscreened Sewage, Various Biological Sludge & Storm Water applications.

- Food and Beverage- Food processing, CIP and waste transfer applications.

- General Industrial – Water & Waste Water, Chemical, Hydrocarbon, Oily Water applications

- Power & Energy – Process and Mining / Various Fluid Process Applications

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